What are the benefits of single use power tools?
Single use (or disposable) products are the fastest growing market segment in world medicine. Due to the rising costs of re-sterilizing instruments, the risk to patients posed by ‘cross contamination’ and the money wasted during theatre ‘down time’ – single use power tools offer hospitals a cost saving alternative. Every OrthoTool SU hospital will always have brand new, sterile power tools waiting on the shelf ready for immediate use.

Why use OrthoTool SU?

The quality of the OrthoTool SU range ensures that the surgeon will experience all of the benefits of single use power tools whilst experiencing a level of quality only associated with multi use products.

Does the OrthoTool SU product range meet EU standards?

Yes. All of our products have been CE marked and attained the highest standards required by European hospitals. Additionally, Takumi Medical is ISO 13485 accredited. All of the supporting documentation and certificates are available for inspection.

Are the power tools sterile?
Yes. All of our power tools, blades and accessories are delivered pre sterilized and are accompanied by the relevant documentation.

Can we ‘try before we buy’?
Yes! To fully appreciate the quality and savings that OrthoTool SU represents, we are pleased to offer you free demonstrations based on your needs.

Are they expensive?

No! We offer a range of pricing bands to meet all requirements and remember – no sterilization costs, no maintenance charges, no depreciation and no downtime in theatres!

How much does a replacement Power Console cost?

Our power consoles come with a lifetime guarantee. We recommend that a power console, in daily use, is replaced every five years. This will be done free of charge!

Can we visit your factory?

Absolutely! We, at Takumi Medical, are very proud of our state of the art facilities and actively encourage both potential and existing customers to visit us. You will be able to tour our plant, see the manufacture and assembly of the OrthoTool SU range and meet the team. Once the tour is completed we would be delighted for you to join us in the evening to experience Ireland’s famous hospitality.

Can we speak to existing OrthoTool SU customers?
Definitely! We would be delighted for you to discuss OrthoTool SU with other customers who are already experiencing the quality and cost savings of our product range.

How can I become an OrthoTool SU customer?

Simple! Contact us with your details and one of our experienced representatives will contact you to discuss your individual requirements. We are here to help!